Eco Friendly Tar and Asphalt Remover

Bitu-Gel is the next generation of cleaners. Bitu-gel is eco-friendly and biodegradable yet a very strong cleaner for the toughest of jobs.  This industrial cleaning product removes asphalts and other emulsions from spray equipment with ease.

Bitu-Gel is used for the rapid removal of heavy oils and greases on a wide range of floors, hard-surfaces and heavily soiled industrial machinery. This is an eco-friendly tar and asphalt remover that can also be used as a heavy-duty industrial degreaser.  Bitu-Gel cleans paving equipment that is used by road maintenance companies, pavers, government (city, county, state, federal).

Bitu-Gel is an emulsion cleaner that forms a thick gel when mixed with water.  Bitu-Gel sticks to vertical surfaces and works to dissolve asphalt, tar and emulsions.  Simply spray it on, let it set for 10-15 minutes and rinse it off with high pressure-hot water.  Bitu-Gel degreaser is highly cost effective if used with an oil-water separator.  It is safe and easy to work with as it may be disposed of down sewer, after contaminants are separated out making it an eco-friendly industrial cleaning product. It is non-hazardous for disposal and shipping.

Bitu-Gel in Action