Electrical Contact Cleaner

Hi-P II is a quick drying, non-conductive solvent cleaner and degreaser. This electrical contact cleaner penetrates through to remove grease, oil, tar, dirt, wax and other industrial soils from critical parts and electrical equipment circuit boards without disassembly.

Hi P II Contact Cleaner is a non-flammable, quick drying, safe to use cleaner.  It is very safe and effective to remove oil, grease and flux from electronic circuitry.  This industrial cleaning product safely flushes away particulates and contains no hazardous solvents.  It is even safe on plastics.

Hi-P II electrical cleaner cleans and removes dust, dirt, and flux from circuitry, tape heads, distribution panels, and electrical contacts.  It is perfect for electronics, computers, heavy industry, manufacturing, automotive maintenance, and gaming casinos.