Organic Cleaner/Degreaser

ODM is one of the most versatile cleaning products out there.  ODM is 100% organic and eco-friendly and as a result, is easy to dispose.  The organic cleaner is biodegradable and environmentally safe. ODM has a bright, pleasing scent and can be mixed with water to remove anything from paint to oil, grease to ink.  The degreaser is used on fabrics, countertops, rubber, carpet and floors to name a few.

ODM cleaner/degreaser cleans and removes heavy greases, oils, dirt, glue, ink, and paint.  It can be used on floors, carpets, walls, counter tops, car interiors and exteriors. The great cleaner can be used to control odor, unclog drains and remove tar and asphalt from most hard surfaces.

ODM safely degreases, deodorizes and cleans most hard surfaces without harming the finish. Popular industries using ODM cleaner include printing, agriculture, automotive, construction, building maintenance and food service.