Parts Kleen

Non Chlorinated Solvent/Degreaser

Parts Kleen is one of the most effective aerosol solvent/degreasers on the market today!  Parts Kleen aerosol has a controlled evaporation rate, making it highly effective at cleaning heavy greases and oils, and dirt, grease and grime from metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

This solvent/degreaser is a safe replacement for chlorinated and other solvents with a rapid evaporation rate.  This non-chlorinated solvent and degreaser is safe on most plastics and dries with no residue.

Parts Kleen non-chlorinated solvent and degreaser is perfect for industries such as automotive, construction, paving, mechanical maintenance, machine shops, manufacturing, steel mills, tool and die shops, heavy machinery, and transportation such as railroads, marines, boats. Parts Kleen is even certified for use in the Nuclear Power industry by an independent laboratory.